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Hilti PX10 Transpointer

Drill Positioner

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Hammond construction transpointer drill aligners for hire.
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The Hilti PX10 Transpointer helps to precisely detect the exact entry or exit point before drilling a hole at any angle on a wall, floor or ceiling.

The detector consists of PX10 T Transmitter and PX10 R Receiver, with a unique slope adapter, and can determine precisely:

  • Drill bit exit or starting points
  • Drilling angles
  • Thickness of base material and required drill bit length for through penetration

The PX10 T Transmitter uses a magnetic field to penetrate bricks, wood, concrete and steel reinforced concrete and to align with the PX10 R Receiver.


The PX10 consists of two handheld units: a transmitter and a receiver. You put the transmitter on one side of the wall, then take the receiver to the other side. The receiver has four illuminated arrows that tell you which way to move it, when all four are lit, it’s exactly lined up with the transmitter.

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Key Features

  • Allows drilling to be carried out quickly and efficiently:
    • Allows free choice drilling direction, for example when drilling through floors
    • Drilling positions can be determined even where floor levels differ or dividing walls are not in line
    • Avoids damage when drilling through insulation or cladding by drilling in the right direction
  • No need for time consuming procedures such as drilling pilot holes, measuring out manually or “trial and error”
  • Overhead drilling becomes unnecessary
  • Positions can be transposed through floors and walls
  • Direction arrows for easy, user-friendly operation

  • Concrete transpointer drill alignment for hire
  • Concrete transpointer drill alignment for hire
  • Concrete transpointer drill alignment for hire
  • Concrete transpointer drill alignment for hire