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Hilti PS50 Multidetector

Multi-purpose Construction Scanner

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Hammond construction Multi-purpose Construction Scanners for hire.
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The Hilti PS50 Multidetector can detect rebar, metal and plastic pipes, live wires, cables and wood in a wide range of base materials. It’s easy to use, cordless, shock, dust and water-resistant - robust to withstand the riggers of the site.

It can locate concealed metal and non-metal objects to avoid hits when you drill, core, cut or saw. Knowing where to drill, core, saw and cut helps to avoid costly repairs, saves time, prevents accidents and protects tools, drill bits and inserts.


  • Detecting metal, wood or plastic objects and electrical conduits.
  • Quickly and easily locating objects under the surface of structures prior to drilling, coring, sawing or slitting.
  • Drilling anchor holes or through penetrations for pipe and cable installations with minimised risk of hitting concealed objects.
  • Locating water pipes, underfloor heating pipes or other pipe and cable runs
  • Setting anchors in hollow or thermally activated slabs
  • Stud location for fasteners

Key Features

  • Detects objects up to a depth of 15cm (Manufacturers' data)
  • Classifies the material of an object up to a depth of 6cm - such as rebar, metal pipes, plastic and wood
  • Checks a range of base materials - such as wet and dry concrete, drywall and hollow brick
  • User-friendly navigation menu - select the right scanning mode for your job (universal, concrete, wet concrete, floor heating, drywall, hollow brick). If you’re not sure of the material you’re checking, use the universal mode for best results.
  • Built in display - for easy location of objects, with approximate embedment depth and type of materials. No expert skills required.

Please call us or email us to discuss your requirements: 01243 555 720

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